02 December 2013

New UNESCO stamps from France..



In the month of  November, the French National Post Office released two new UNESCO stamps.One stamp (shown above)  calls attention to the endangered red-crowned crane (Grusjaponensis), and the need to protect this species. In Japan, the crane, known as the “tancho,” is a powerful national symbol, representing longevity and immortality.


The second stamp features the Ancient City of Sigiriya (Sri Lanka), a UNESCO World Heritage site, where one can wind through ancient galleries and staircases, and out through the mouth of a gigantic lion. The “Lion Mountain” is a unique witness to the civilization of Ceylon during the years of the reign of Kassapa I. Its frescoes inaugurated a pictorial style which endured over many centuries. Poems inscribed on the rock, known as “Sigiri graffiti,” are among the most ancient texts in the Sinhalese language. They attest to the considerable influence that Sigiriya exerted on both literature and thought.


My Recent Cover

Cover from  Latvia : Winter Holidays


Thanks to Limanski EN, Riga – Latvia


Cover from Poland


Thanks to Andrzej Bek, Poland

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