19 December 2013

Christmas and New Year Stamps…



The time has come to prepare the cards and send thousand kisses to friends or distant relatives. For this purpose, the Office des Posteset Telecommunications of New Caledonia offers, as every year, a stamp issue celebrating Christmas and New Year.

The stamp features some of the typical representatives of flora and fauna of New Caledonia: nautilus, rainbow lorikeet, emperor fish, banana, coconut, Xanthostemon and hibiscus.

Christmas stamps from Latvia

image image

In anticipation of the Advent, Latvijas Pasts is releasing the latest stamps in the Christmas series to allow everyone to send their Christmas and New Year’s greetings in a timely manner. The Christmas stamps are also the final two stamps issued by Latvijas Pasts with dual denominations – in lats and euros; starting from 2014, stamps will be denominated only in euros.

in the stamps a little dwarf girl, hurrying to bring gifts to children over snow-covered roofs on a wooden rocking horse. The first day envelope released together with the stamps depicts Winter in a snow-covered cape, and the special cancelation features a gingerbread heart.




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