20 December 2013

New stamps from Hong Kong..



Date of Issue : 5 December 2013

Here are new stamps from Hong Kong Post featuring Legislative Council Of Hong Kong.The stamps have beautiful Tab with different designs. This issue contains 4 stamps and a miniature sheet

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Under the Basic Law, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“HKSAR”) is vested with legislative power and the Legislative Council (“LegCo”) is the legislature of the HKSAR. The functions of LegCo include enacting laws, examining and approving public expenditure, and monitoring the Government’s performance. Hong Kong Post issues a set of four stamps on the theme of “Our Legislative Council”, with a view to enhancing the public’s understanding of LegCo.

The $1.70 stamp pictures the LegCo Complex situated at Tamar, Central. Commissioned in October 2011, the LegCo Complex is the first purpose-built building for the Hong Kong legislature. Besides providing conference facilities and offices for LegCo, the Complex offers additional facilities to serve the public. Its design is characterized by a predominance of vertical lines and an extensive use of glass to signify the independence, openness and solemnity of the legislature.

The $2.90 stamp depicts the old LegCo Building located adjacent to Statue Square in Central. The construction works of the building commenced in 1900. Upon completion, it first housed the Supreme Court of Hong Kong and was later converted into the LegCo Building in 1985. Since then, the legislature had convened its meetings in the building until its relocation to the new LegCo Complex in October 2011. The exterior of the old LegCo Building is a declared monument.

The $3.70 stamp shows the Chamber of the LegCo Complex. The Chamber is the arena where LegCo Members enact laws and debate issues concerning public interests. While in session, LegCo normally holds its meetings on Wednesdays in the Chamber, where members of the public may observe the proceedings of the meetings from its public gallery. The Chamber, which is conical in shape with seats arranged in a hemicycle facing the President’s podium, is equipped with facilities for simultaneous and sign language interpretation, and for live broadcast of meetings by TV/radio stations.

The $5stamp features the President’s chair in the old LegCo Building. The President’s chair is situated in the front of the Chamber, facing the seats of Members and public officers. The President presides over LegCo meetings and ensures the orderly, fair and proper conduct of the meetings. The chair was relocated to the Chamber of the LegCo Complex upon the commissioning of the LegCo Complex.

The LegCo emblem appears on the top left of each of the four stamps. The emblem reflects that Hong Kong is a place where Chinese and Western cultures blend in perfect harmony. The unique role of LegCo is well reflected by the use of the grey character for dignity and the yellow background for harmony.

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