22 June 2013

Classic Locomotives



Date of Issue : 18 June 2013

Royal Mail issued a new set of stamps on classic locomotives on 18th June. Classic Locomotives of Northern Ireland is the third in Royal Mail’s series to commemorate these unsung workhorses of the railway network. The set of four stamps and a miniature sheet feature following locomotives : Royal Mail has also issued for  stamp cards for each stamp.

1st Class – UTA W Class No. 103
UTA Class W No.103 ‘Thomas Somerset’ with a Belfast-bound up express between the two tunnels at Downhill, west of Castlerock c1950

78p – UTA SG3 Class No. 35
The SG3 Class locomotive shunts wagons at Portadown in 1963..

88p – Peckett No. 2
Peckett No.2 reverses wagons into the British Aluminum works at Larne in 1937.

£1.28 – CDRJC Class 5 No. 4
The Class 5 locomotive Meenglas shunts a carriage at Strabane in 1959.

The Miniature Sheet features all four Classic Locomotives of Northern Ireland stamps, together with a fabulous photograph of the UTA Class Z No. 27 Lough Erne crossing Larne Lough in 1968 in its border.

Classic Locomotives of Northern Ireland Stamp Cards


Each of these glorious stamps, together with the Miniature Sheet itself, has been reproduced at postcard size.

New stamps from Canada


Date of Issue : 21 June 2013

Canada Post unveils two stamps honouring Canadian heroes Laura Secord and Charles de Salaberry; the second in a series commemorating the War of 1812.


Niagara Falls MP Rob Nicholson and Canada Post representative Tom Creech at a Laura Secord stamp and coin release in Queenston on Friday.

Secord braved a 30-kilometre walk through the wilderness to warn a British outpost of an impending American attack.   In June 1813, a group of American officers billeted themselves at the home of Laura Secord in Queenston.  She overheard the officers discussing plans to attack a British outpost.  Secord managed to secretly slip away to warn the British.  She found the local British commander, Lieutenant James Fitzgibbon, who used the information to position his men and First Nations warriors to ambush the enemy and capture more than 400 American soldiers.

In the fall of 1813, as commander of a group of fighters in Lower Canada, Lieutenant-Colonel de Salaberry’s strategy enabled his outnumbered Canadian force to fight off an American invasion aimed at capturing Montréal.  He anticipated the invaders would cross the Châteauguay River, 50-km southwest of Montréal.  De Salaberry used the swampland and trees to his advantage, ordering his men to build barricades of felled trees and then spread his troops across the area, giving the impression of a large, hidden Canadian force.  After four hours of fighting, the Americans retreated and Montréal was saved.

New special Covers


A special cover was released by Andhra Pradesh Postal Circle in honour of former President of India, Dr. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy on 19th May 2013 to mark his 100th birth anniversary celebrations.

First All Women Post Offce of Maharashtra


12 April 2013 : Mumbai

: Prakash Bubkiya

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