07 April 2013

World's Biggest Postage Stamp with "Mother of the Nation" logo


UAE Stamp

Emirates Post released this commemorative hexagonal stamp on 21st March 2013. The stamp features “ The Mother of the  Nation” logo .


International Mother's Day 2013

Women's organisation around the world celebrate International Mother's Day every year on March 21st, as decreed by UN General Assembly. On this occasion in the UAE, Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak is being honoured for her achievements in various fields at the local and regional level, as a gesture of appreciation from UAE mothers.



As part of the celebrations,the world's biggest postage stamp bearing the "Mother of the Nation" logo is being submitted to the Guiness Book of World records for endorsement.

: Kenneth Sequeira – Dubai ( UAE )

email : kenneth.sequeira@hotmail.com

Club News


Cinderella Stamp on Shrimant Sayajirao Gaekwad issued by private artist .


: Timir Rajanikant Shah – Vadodara

Query : Postal History : Fiscal


sayaji1     sayaji1

Fire Insurance Receipt with 8 As. Insurance stamp & a revenue of 8 annas of Shri. Pratapsihrao Gaekwad ( green in color ). Why this Gaekwad revenue stamp was used ? If anybody knows why Geakwad Revenue was used ?. because receipt had been issued from Bombay for Baroda Custom in 1948. Comments are invited from the Readers.

: Timir Rajanikant Shah – Vadodara  : email : trs_shah@rediffmail.com

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