25 April 2013

Information and Communication



Korea Post issued a set of 4 commemorative stamps featuring wireless communication, postal communication, broadcasting communication, and scientific technologies/human/hope in commemoration of the “ Information and Communication Day ”. The set is beautiful and one of the stamp features a Rainbow too. The set could be included in various themes like communication, Cartoons, Science and Technology as well as Rainbow.

The rapid development of communication technology has dramatically changed the world. The “pony express” and “signal fire” have evolved into the postal system, telegraphic communication and telephone, computer, wired/wireless communication, and satellite communications, expanding our spheres of life to a remarkable extent. As shown by the Internet, created by the splendid imaginations of two persons to transform the world, as well as by the emergence of smart phones which became another new watershed, the combination of the power of human imagination with innovative technologies is leading mankind to a new progression day by day.

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Letter Box used as Dustbin


Recently I have been to Nainital and while walking on the Mall Road, near the library I found the letter box which has been used as dustbin, instead of a letter box. As a philatelist it was really embarrassing to see Is this the future of Postal Department in India ?

- Atul Agarwal , Aligarh

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