03 April 2013

Children at Play…



Date of Issue : 2 April 2013

Hi !

Here is a beautiful set issued by Taiwan Post featuring “Children at Play”. This set will take back you to your childhood days when you used to play these games. One must have made paper planes and played  with the Top as a child. So this is a fantastic issue that rekindles our warm memories of childhood . The set is sure to be liked by all kids as well as those who collect on “ Children”  theme.

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The design of stamps :

1. Carrying Lanterns: Using sticks to carry lanterns with candles flickering inside through the dark streets used to be a common childhood memory of the lantern festival.

2. Flying Paper Airplanes: Raise your gaze upward and send a paper airplane out into space. Let it carry childhood dreams to heaven.


3. Playing with a Pinwheel: When the wind picks up, bring out your pinwheel and let the wind do its magic: Let it spin back the rich and varied joys of childhood.

4. Spinning Tops: You fling yours, and I’ll fling mine. Spinning tops have long brought happiness to children.

5. Playing with Hand Puppets: Remarkably true-to-life hand puppet dramas captivate children, adding much pleasure to their lives.

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