26 April 2013

Folk Dances of Belarus and Azerbaijan



Here is a beautiful souvenir sheet from Belarus featuring folk dances . Post offices of the Republic of Belarus and Azerbaijan jointly issued a souvenir sheet “Folk dances”. The stamps feature dancers in native costumes of each country performing the national dances – “Kryzhachok” and “Terekeme”.

“Kryzhachok” is a Belarusian folk dance. It is performed by any number of pairs at a rapid pace. The complicated pattern of the dance resembles a geometric ornament. The name of the dance comes from the Belarusian word “kryzh” (cross). The dancing couples form an imaginary cross by their posture and by their hands.

“Terekeme” is an ancient Azerbaijan folk dance. Despite the sad minor tune it is often performed at celebrations and weddings.

New stamps from Bahrain

Bahrain 2013 Insurance

Bahrain Insurance Day is annually celebrated in March, in appreciation of the efforts of the insurance industry that aims to position Bahrain to be a regional insurance hub.

Bahrain Insurance Association (BIA), received its charter in 1993 and became operational in 1994. Currently the BIA is under the umbrella of the Ministry of Social Affairs, comprising of local and foreign insurance companies, reinsurance, brokers and service providers.

The concept of launching the stamp on the 26th Mar 2013, the occasion of Bahrain Insurance Day is in line with the BIA objective to increase insurance awareness amongst the general public.

: Kenneth Sequeira, Dubai ( UAE)

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