13 August 2012

Rainbow on Stamps..


40th Anniversary of UNESCO convention at Paris

From Pyramids to Galapagos to the whole world

San Marino 2012 UNESCO

Issue date: 9th May 2012

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Here is a beautiful miniature sheet issued by San Marino to commemorate 40th Anniversary of UNESCO convention at Paris on Nov 16, 1972. On its design a Rainbow also appears….One more FDC here from Romania showing rainbow issued on 1st June 2012 for children's day .

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San Marino 2012 UNESCO

San Marino issued a souvenir sheet with 4 stamps to commemorate 40th Anniv of UNESCO convention at Paris on Nov 16, 1972, concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

The UNESCO General Conference approved on the 16th November 1972 in Paris an agreement on the protection of the world, cultural and natural Heritage. The idea to create an international movement to protect cultural areas and nature was born in the second post-war period. The Agreement forces the Member States to regularly supply a report on the state of preservation of the registered areas. It encourages the public awareness about the world protected areas and improves the preservation by educational and informative programs .

“To preserve our heritage for the future generations” it is a must that the Agreement and the Member States fixed as a goal and warning. Today, after forty years from the signature of the agreement, the world heritage is well understood, so much that registered areas receive international cooperation, mutual help and management models.

With the souvenir-sheet designed by M. Ventura, “From Pyramids to Galapagos, to the whole world” the Azienda Autonoma di Stato Filatelica e Numismatica of the ancient Republic of San Marino makes the first issue after the agreement signed on the 3rd November 2011 in the UNESCO official seat where the “Progetto San Marino-Unesco” was accepted; a long-term cooperation to increase the value of Humanity Heritage through the philately of San Marino. The first stamp of the series shows, among other goods, the “Historic centre and Mount Titano” in foreground as part of the world humanity area heritage.

Screenshot_3 : R Kasinath – Tanjore

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Rainbow on Children’s Day FDC, Romania


Screenshot_3 : Leeza Padhi - Cuttack

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