25 August 2012

International year of Cooperatives…



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Here are some nice stamps issued for International year of Cooperatives. The General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed 2012 as International Year of Cooperatives and highlighted the contribution of cooperatives to economic and social development, especially its impact on poverty reduction, job creation and social integration.The stamps are very special in rainbow colors and of course one showing the rainbow.Just beautiful !! and I wish to have these  in my rainbow collection !

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International Year of Cooperatives - stamps by Costa Rica

Correos de Costa Rica has issued a set of two postage stamps commemorating the 2012 year declared by the United Nations International year of Cooperatives.

Cooperatives are dedicated to the values of openness, social responsibility and caring for others. They are typically based on the cooperative values of "self-help, self-responsibility, democracy and equality, equity and solidarity" and the seven cooperative principles:

1.Voluntary and open membership
2.Democratic member control
3.Economic participation by members
4.Autonomy and independence
5.Education, training and information
6.Cooperation among cooperatives
7.Concern for community


kanpur 2

The Correo Argentino has issued a stamp to commemorate the year 2012 proclaimed International year of Cooperatives.

This year is celebrated under the theme of "Cooperative Enterprises Build a Better World," and is focused on the concept of cooperatives putting people first, innovating to meet members' needs, and providing local service while being part of a global network. The stamp features representatives of different industries cooperating on a joint work.



The Correos Uruguayio has issued a stamp commemorating the year 2012 as International year of Cooperatives.

Under the theme "Cooperative enterprises help build a better world", the International Year of Cooperatives has three main objectives: 1) Increase Awareness to the socio-economic impact of cooperatives; 2) Promote growth of cooperatives; 3) Establish appropriate policies to strengthen cooperative communities, democracy and peace.

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