18 February 2012

New Stamps from France…


2012 - Year of Dragon


Date of Issue : 9 January 2012


Date of Issue : 16 January 2012

On 1th Jan a special stamp was issued for valentine’s Day and on the 6th February a  stamp was issued  featuring a painting by Edward Hopper.


On the 13th of February: a stamp dedicated to the Paris Mosque and a booklet entitled “Say it with Flowers”.

Great Mosque of Paris


Date of Issue : 13 February 2012

The French Post has issued a stamp dedicated to the Great Mosque of Paris created and engraved by the famous French stamp designer, author of Marianne stamps Yves Beaujard.

After the First World War, the French government planned to build an Islamic institute in Paris for all Muslims in France to express the nation's commitment to 70,000 Muslim soldiers fallen for France, notably at Verdun. The Great Mosque of Paris was officially opened with much fanfare on July 15, 1926.

Today the Mosque is both a place of worship of Islam, a convivial place of religions of the Koran, but also a place to visit for tourists and school groups and a monument of art. The stamp is Commemorating the 90th anniversary of laying the foundation stone of the Great Mosque,



The French Post has issued a beautiful set of stamps in booklet form “say it with flowers”. for the  Valentine's Day!

These stamps were specially designed for the Day of lovers by Adeline Andre and manufactured by the French Post. They contain a quantity of elixir of love, you can choose between two assays and two different adhesive stamps. The effect of the patch varies among individuals on whom it is applied: immediate or delayed, weak or strong. These stamps - flowers offer you the opportunity to express immediately on the envelope your attraction with daisy, your tenderness with iris, your passion with red roses, and your sincere love with red and white tulips…


On the 20th of February a stamp will be issued to commemorate Henri Queville.

Club News 


New Special Cover

Golden Jubilee Sainik School, Purulia ( West Bengal)


29 January 2012


Screenshot_3 : Ashwani Dubey, Gorakhpur

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