22 February 2012

Joint Issue : Israel and China




To be issued on 20 March 2012

Hi !

Here is a very cool and beautiful  set of stamps to be issued by Israel Post  on 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and China.It is a joint issue between Israel and China. I am pleased to write that a Joint issue between India and Israel will be issued in December 2012.

During the course of these 20 years, trade between the two countries has developed rapidly and the number of Israeli companies in China and joint ventures continues to rise. The majority of this trade is in the realm of information and telecom technologies, agro-technology, water and ecology.

The Israeli stamp features a white dove - the "dove of peace" and the Chinese stamp features a waxwing - the "bird of peace". Each stamp also features an element from each country's national flag: a Star of David and a pentagram.

courtesy : Eli Moallem - Israel

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