15 February 2012

Love stamps from USA..



Valentine’s Day stamps from USPS

US Postal Service has issued a number of beautiful stamps for Valentine’s Day. All the 34 issues can be view at :

USPS on Love Stamps… 



courtesy : Dr Hemant Kulkarni, Milwaukee – USA

Radio Story about postage stamp design



Julie Shapiro, Artistic Director of the Third Coast International Audio Festival, produced this episode. Julie spoke with Terry McCaffrey, the retired manager of stamp development for the USPS Stamp Services Office, and Ethel Kessler, an Art Director who’s been working with Stamp Services for over 15 years.Just listen !! Click following link !!


Book Review


A new book by Mr Praful Thakkar "Glimpses of Indian Autographs" is a wonderful book. It is a specialized book for autograph lovers.

It gives the glimpses of autographs of eminent Indian personalities of various fields. The book contains around 600 autographs in 8 major groups which are further divided in 42 different categories. In each category about 13 autographs, along with the photographs of the celebrities, are presented. The effort in the book is made to project glimpses of different themes under which autograph collection can be made.

The autographs of Indian personalities are classified thematically into autographs of Presidents, Bharat Ratna, Music Maestros, Cricket Players,World’s Top models etc .The book gives some rare autographs of Indian Princely Rulers along with their Coat of Arms. The book also gives a separate chapter to foreign personalities.

An alphabetically arranged index with details of celebrities is given at the end of the book to help the reader to find the location of particular autograph.The book gives a special section on ‘Association of Philately with the Autographs’.  A special chapter is added in the book which depicts the Autographs in the design of Indian Postal Stamps. Another chapter depicts original autographs, on the First Day Covers, of personalities, related or associated with celebrities whose stamps are issued.

It is a complete book for autograph collectors as well as a delight to people of all ages and tastes. In fact this book is a feast to everyone’s eyes and an asset for the possessor. All would love to read it and it is an essential book for libraries, schools and colleges and a collectible item for book and autograph lovers !! I would recommend this wonderful book to one and all !! The book is hardbound with beautiful design layout and high quality printing.

Price Rs 1500 US $ 50 It is available at following address :

Rekha P. Thakkar',

34, Janvishram Society,Behind Sahjanand College, Ambawadi,, Ahmedabad 380015

email: thakkar34@yahoo.co.in or pkthakkar@yahoo.com

image Praful Thakkar, the renowned philatelist of Gujarat is Limca Book Record Holder in 2009 for Autographs & Canteen Tokens and  is a collector of autographs, stamps, First Day Covers (FDCs), coins, medals, tokens, badges , badge plates etc. and many more collectibles of India since last more than 45 years. He has written several books on these subjects of Hobbies. Mr Praful Thakkar may be contacted at e mail : pkthakkar@yahoo.com


This is one of the most beautiful souvenirs  of stamp exhibitions I have seen so far….Many thanks to  South India Philatelists’ Association and members of SIPEX 2012 for bringing out such a nice souvenir with comprehensive articles on a variety of subjects. Jeevan Jyoti

SIPEX 2011 Souvenir : Review by - Naresh Agarwal

The souvenir released on occasion of SIPEX2011, a National Level Philatelic Exhibition published by South India Philatelists’ Association, Chennai is a collection and depiction of journey to the said show through well labeled pictures, nice graphics, views of the philatelic material issued. Journey through different facets of philately through various high quality and informative articles through the train and track of well printed, colorful, glossy paper of most appropriate size bound nicely in to a book form. The book is truly a souvenir for possessor as it gives glimpse of the SIPEX2011,the messages given by various persons, the articles on various aspects of philately written by various eminent and upcoming writers which have been found to be very informative. The well wishers of the show who contributed in form of advertisement have also been honored by giving such colorful space and well designed and placed advertisements. The editor has toiled hard to give an attractive shape to the contents by giving nice presentation, selection and skilled composing

In the article section, although all the articles have given nice impression but truly out of the assemblage of these 17 nos. articles covering different aspects of philately; article by C.G.Bhasker on “Czeslaw Slania,the Master Engraver”, & the one titled “Changing Face of Postal Stationery” by S.Balasundaram appealed me the most as those have a touch of extensive and fine research.

The attractive front and last pages themselves depict and declare the high standard of souvenir. I rate this souvenir much higher than the one issued during INDEPEX2011,a world exhibition held in India.

The book has fulfilled all of its objectives, covered all aspects and shown every necessary element. This souvenir is recommended to all to be preserved not only as a souvenir but an asset for the upcoming readers as the articles have been found very genuine, interesting and informative.

The copies of souvenir are available with the office of South India Philatelists’ Association.Intrested readers may contact at  e mail : sipagold@gmail.com

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