08 February 2012

New cancellation on Mahatma Gandhi


Picture 002

Arrival of Gandhi Ji in Gorakhpur


A pictorial cancellation was given by Gorakhpur Postal Division today on 8th February to commemorate the arrival of Gandhiji at Gorakhpur on 8 Feb 1922.


After the incident of Chauri Chaura on 4 February1922 Mahatama Gandhi called  back his Asahayog Andolan and came to Gorakhpur on 8th February1922 ,but district administration did not allow him to go Chauri Chaura then a public meeting was held by Gandhi Ji  in Gorakhpur on 8th February 1922.

 Photo0425 Photo0421

SSP, Gorakhpur Postal Division - Aalok Ojha issuing the cancellation on Mahatma Gandhi ’s arrival at Gorakhpur on 8 February 1922

Screenshot_1 :Sandeep Chaurasia, Ashwani Dubey - Gorakhpur

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