21 January 2011

New Stamps from UK…


royal mail

To be issued on  24 January 2011


The second set of  UK Fast stamps depicting birds will be issued on 24 January, one of three sets to be issued this year.  These will be sold from Post & Go machines at selected Post Offices across the UK and from the Philatelic Bureau at Tallents House. The second set  depicts common garden birds and is issued in time for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Big Garden Bird Watch.


Post & Go terminals allow customers to weigh their letters and packets, pay for and print postage labels and stamps without the need to visit the counter. The first Post & Go machine was trialled in The Galleries Post Office in Bristol in 2007.

FAB: The Genius of Gerry Anderson

fab 2

Date of Issue : 11 January 2011

Stingray, Joe 90, and Captain Scarlett – just some of the ground-breaking TV shows devised by Gerry Anderson in the 1960s, and now set to feature on a set of six stamps and a revolutionary new Miniature Sheet design. 1st Class Joe 90

1st Class – Joe 90

Each week nine year old Joe would download special skills from the Big Rat computer to carry out secret missions. Broadcast 1968 to 1969.

1st Class Captain Scarlet

1st Class – Captain Scarlet

Rendered indestructible by the alien Mysterons, Spectrum agent Captain Scarlet and his colour co-ordinated colleagues save the world in 32 episodes broadcast from 1967 to 1968.

1st Class Thunderbirds

1st Class – Thunderbirds

From their island hideaway International Rescue coordinate amazing rescue missions with their fantastic machines - like transporter Thunderbird 2 seen about to blast off. Broadcast from 1965 to 1966.

97p Stingray

97p – Stingray

From 1964 to 1965 Troy Tempest and Phones of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol, kept humanity safe from various undersea threats, in their submarine, Stingray. This was the first of Anderson’s shows in colour.

97p Fireball XL5

97p – Fireball XL5

Together with his robot sidekick Robert (who was voiced by Anderson) Colonel Steve Zodiac of the World Space Patrol kept the Earth safe from any interplanetary threat with his rocket ship Fireball XL5.

97p Supercar

97p – Supercar

Featuring the adventures of inventor Mike Mercury and his amazing vehicle, that was equally at home on land, under water and in the air. First broadcast between 1961 and 1962.


FAB: The Genius of Gerry Anderson Miniature Sheet

The miniature sheet is made up of four new stamps (1st, 60p, 88p and 97p) featuring Thunderbirds 1 to 4.The outer space monitoring station Thunderbird 5 is shown in the border.

Source : Royal Mail

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