20 January 2011

New Stamps from France..



 france 2       france 1

Date of issue – 10 January 2011


Paint your heart….


Loa Poste  issued 4 new stamps on 10th January 2011. Two stamps shown above are extraordinary stamps with special features. other stamps shown below featuring Timbre Tram Train de Mulhouse and Chinese New Year – the year of Rabbit.

Maurizio Galante, a famous Paris fashion designer, in collaboration with French Post has created 2 stamps to illustrate the designer brand name hearts.

The first stamp of 0.95 ˆ named "Engrave your initials" is covered with a red metallic film on which you can "engrave" a message or your initials.

The second stamp of 0.58 ˆ titled "Paint me" gives you the freedom to colorize it at your will. Thus, everyone can manifest creativity and become author of his own stamp.

france 3 Timbre Tram Train de Mulhouse

Date of issue – 10 January 2011


Chinese New Year -  Year of Rabbit

france 4

Date of Issue – 10 January 2011

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