19 January 2011

Highlights of INDIPEX - 2011

INDIPEX 2011, World Philatelic Exhibition is being organized by India Post, Government of India, in association with the Philatelic Congress of India, the National Federation for Philately in India from 12th to the 18th February 2011 at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, India. The Federation International Philatelic (FIP) is extending its patronage, and the Federation of Inter-Asian Philately (FIAP) its auspices, for conduct of the Exhibition.

INDIPEX 2011, aims to bring the international philatelic community together to celebrate philately, and will provide a unique platform for interaction between all the philatelic stake-holders, viz. the collectors, the dealers, the philatelic journalists and publishers, the designers and security printers, and the postal administrations who issue stamps and stationery.

The exhibition will be largely competitive and showcase some of the finest and rarest stamp collections from around the world. Stamps reflect the history, culture, ethos and concerns of nations and people, which makes stamp collection as a hobby interesting and educative. By showcasing the best philatelic collections, INDIPEX 2011 looks to attract many newcomers to explore the fascinating world of philately.

There is considerable excitement about the exhibition all around the world as it will be one of the biggest events in India after the Commonwealth Games.


INDIPEX 2011 will have each day earmarked for celebrating themes such as science and technology, culture and heritage, youth and sports, environment and women’s issues. The exhibition itself will be spread over an area of over 29700 square feet, with booths and stalls for philatelic dealers, government ministries and under takings and corporate entities. With participation from over 70 countries, 500 foreign delegates and about 5000 school children, stamp enthusiasts and other visitors are expected to visit daily.

Personalized Stamp

One of the most exciting feature of the exhibition is the My STAMP which is being introduced by India Post for the first time in India. Also known as ‘Personalised stamp‘,

MY STAMP allows you to add a personal touch to your mail by combining India Post stamps with a photograph or any design or logo of your choice - the perfect complement to invitations, birthday greetings and business or personal letters. One can choose any pictures they want as long as they are not rude or offensive.

So pick your favourite photo now and turn it into a MY STAMP. Choose from one of 6 stamp designs and give your mail that personal touch.

1. Trains
2. Aeroplanes
3. Wildlife
4. Panchatantra
5. Sun Signs (12 Different Sheets)
6. Taj Mahal

Each sheet has 12 stamps on one of the above themes and 12 MY STAMPS with perforations.

Terms & Conditions:

1. You warrant that for MY STAMP you will only submit a photo that you own copyright in, or have the copyright owner’s permission to reproduce. (Permission may be given by a parent or guardian on behalf of an infant.) India Post reserves the right to ask you to prove that you have the right to copy the photo and that permission has been obtained from persons featured in the photo or that you have the right to use any images or logos in the photo. If you are unable to prove any of the above upon request, India Post may refuse to copy the photo. In such instances, India Post will return your photo and payment will be refunded.

2. If your photo contains any non-Hindi/English words you must provide a written translation with your order.

3. Any copyright in the MY STAMP images vests in India Post. A person cannot reproduce or authorise the reproduction of the MY STAMP.

4. India Post reserves the right not to print your photo image on the tab, if in its opinion this image is unacceptable, or India Post suspects that the copying of the photo will infringe copyright or may otherwise infringe any other law.

5. You agree to indemnify India Post against any claim, damages or expenses India Post suffers in connection with the use of your photo, including any infringement of another person’s intellectual property rights or unauthorised use of any image of any other person or property.

6. You may use the MY STAMP to pay postage on a postal article posted in India. These picture stamps cannot be sent on their own without accompanied with the corresponding stamp. Each of the MY STAMP used to pay postage will be postmarked.

7. Variations in colour, image quality and position may occur in the finished product. You acknowledge that the finished photo image is dependent on the quality of the photo submitted. To the extent permitted by law, India Post will not refund or replace an order if the MY STAMP is of poor quality.

8. The general ruling in India is that you don't feature living people on stamps. But MY STAMP is the exception as the photo is quite clearly separate from the stamp.

9. All images that are submitted for reproduction in MY STAMP must:

a. Be provided with an English/Hindi translation for images that contain a foreign language. The translation must meet the other guideline criteria below.

b. Not discriminate against a person on the basis of disability, race or colour.

c. Not contain celebrities, actors, musicians, sports people, cartoons or other famous people whereby the customer may not own the copyright.

d. Not contain provocative, sexual, violent or other offensive content.

e. Not contain nudity or semi nudity.

f. Not contain profanity or obscenities.

g. Not contain firearms or weaponry.

h. Not contain libellous, defamatory or other content deemed offensive.

i. Not contain material that could infringe copyright.

j. Not contain racial, prejudicial or discriminatory subject matter.

k. Not contain nationalistic, political statements or politically motivated messages or symbols including flags.

l. Not contain images that show illegal or anti-social behaviour.

- Ajay Kumar Mittal, Member Technical Committee

Commemorative Flight on 100 years of Airmail


The exhibition will largely focus on Aerophilately as India Post celebrates the Centenary of the First Official Airmail Flight that took place in India on 18th February 1911. A ceremonial flight would take place on 12th February 2011 from Allahabad to Naini commemorating the 100 years of the Airmail flight. The flight would carry about 5000 First Day Special Covers with special postmark; a collector’s delight being limited editions. The special stamp carrying the special cancellation would be released on 12th February, 2011 to commemorate the event.

The First Official Airmail Flight

Although airborne mail transport had occurred during the nineteenth century, the first Official Airmail was flown in India in 1911.


On February 18, 1911, French pilot Henri Pequet (1888-1974) carried the official airmail; a sack with about 6,000 cards and letters on his Humber biplane. The plane flew a distance of five miles, from an Allahabad polo field, over the Yamuna River, to Naini. All mails were marked with a large magenta cachet showing a plane within a double lined circle, inscribed “First Aerial Post — 1911 — U.P. Exhibition Allahabad“.

Pequet was in India flying demonstration flights for the United Provinces Exhibition in Allahabad. Walter Windham (1868-1942), a British aviation pioneer, organized the aerial demonstrations. The event marked the first time airplanes flew in India.

The Philatelic Passport

Having more than 70 countries participating at this exhibition, with a Philatelic Passport, collectors need to travel from country to country by visiting sales booths to buy the stamps and obtain the special datestamp cancellations of that participating country. When it is done, one will have completed his travel around the world. This is very exciting as the activity of traveling through the world would take place at just one venue which is the World Philatelic Exhibition at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

The philatelic passport has stamps with full postal cancellations on each page. These stamps together with the passport will be worth much more than the individual used stamps when removed. There are collectors of these passports.

Philatelic Passport aims to create enthusiasm amongst children, stamp lovers, philatelists and visitors. The passport can be obtained from the exhibition directly.



image image image

The Khadi Stamp

India Post on the occasion of INDIPEX 2011 is bringing out a special stamp on Gandhi Ji to commemorate the event. The stamp will be unique as it will be printed on "Khadi", the handspun cotton material that Gandhi Ji held as the symbol of self determination and self reliance.

The Presentation Pack will be released by Smt. Pratibha Patil, the President of India on Saturday 12th February 2011 at INDIPEX 2011, the World Philatelic Exhibition being held in New Delhi, the capital of India.

The Presentation Pack

The Khadi Stamp will be available during the exhibition at the venue, as a Presentation Pack which will also include a miniature sheet. The Presentation Pack is priced at Rs. 250 only and a maximum of 10 stamps can be ordered by a single person.

Orders for this special stamps can be placed by writing directly to Mr A.S. Kala or pre-ordering them online. Outstation orders will be sent by Speed post for which necessary charges will apply.

The deliveries would start from 12th February 2011.

View details : http://www.indipex2011.com/

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