18 January 2019

New Stamps from New Zealand - Native Alpine Flora

Native Alpine Flora

Date of Issue : 13 February 2019

New Zealand Post will issue a beautiful set of six stamps and a Miniature sheet on 13th February featuring Native Alpine Flowers.

Although scientists haven’t yet told all their stories, New Zealand’s alpine plants appear to be much younger than the land mass, representing rapid and spectacular evolution and diversification.

Botanists have evidence that immigrant ancestors of alpine plants dispersed to New Zealand quite recently from Australia, New Guinea and South America. Some might have come from or via Antarctica, which was home to rich flora only a few million years ago. Equally adventurously, other species appear to have evolved from native lowland plants that adapted to alpine environments as the landscape shifted.

Native Alpine Flora explores just six of the 600 flowering species found on New Zealand’s mountains between the tree line and permanent snow. 

Source : New Zealand Post

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