22 January 2019

Hearts Blossom - New Love stamp from USPS

Date of Issue : 10 January 2019

Twelve colorful hearts visually expressing love’s joyful, bountiful nature illustrate the first Forever stamp issued in 2019 by USPS

Hearts Blossom is the latest stamp in the Love series from the U.S. Postal Service. The stamp art features the word "Love" in cursive script below 12 colorful hearts. The color palette — red, purple, orange, and pink — is intended to create a happy and positive feeling. Art director Antonio Alcalá designed the stamp.

There are several theories how the familiar heart-shaped symbol came to be associated with the human heart. However, the symbol’s connection to love is very clear, as the heart is where people believe feelings reside. Today, wherever it appears — as an artistic motif, in religious symbolism, or as an expression of affection or support — a heart is instantly recognizable as a representation of love, whether it be romantic attachment or affection for people, places, causes or ideas.

The Postal Service has successfully captured the essence of love ever since issuing the first stamp in the series in 1973. Although the stamps are released early in the year, they are not just for Valentine’s Day but can be used to deliver love during any season.

Hearts Blossoms Framed stamps

Special framed stamps issued by USPS ( 7 x 9 inch  frame) . It features a whimsical illustration of heart shaped balloons that are tied with strings to the word “love” and includes a mounted Heart Blossoms Forever stamp

Source : USPS

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