10 January 2019

New Special Cover on Mahatma Gandhi

39th Indian National Congress, Belagavi

Mahatma Gandhiji having extracted promise to move ahead with inter-faith,inter-caste and inter- party UNITY, declared the struggle for freedom to be carried forward in the path of Non-violence with Non-coperation. He asked the people not to get discouraged even if the heavens are at loose. This propelled country faster towards freedom.

Special Cover -KTK/137/2018 - 39th Indian National Congress, Belagavi Rao Hardikar strived hard to make the congress session at Belagavi with Gandhiji as president, a great success, supported by later's "Seva Dal" Volunteers. A special well (Pampa Sarovar) itself was built in the vicinity of the session to meet water requirement of delegates of the session, which is famous even today as " Congress well".

Dr. Narayan Rao Hardikar

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