27 April 2018

New Special Covers

1.  Sri Tulasa Bhavani Temple (KTK/23/2018) 

This beautiful temple was established on 16th March 1996, by Shri Tulaja Bhavani Educational and Dharmadatti Trust, Haliyal of Uttara Kannada District. The four feet black stone idol of Goddess Bhavani was carved in Sivar town of Kolar District. Thousands of devotees from allover Karnataka and states of Maharastra and Goa, visit this temple every day. 
This special cover is being released to commemorate, the anniversary of the trust and Prathishta Vardhanti Utsav.

2.  Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple (KTK/24/2018)

This special cover has been released on 17th March 2018 to commemorate the Brahmakalasha Punyotsava of Bappanadu Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple.

3. International Day of Forests (KTK/26/2018) 

Karnataka has always been in the forefront of forest protection and conservation. As per the recently released biennial India State of the Forest Report 2017 of Forest Survey of India, the forest cover of the State has increased by 1,101 square km. On the day of International Day of Forest, Karnataka Forest Department salutes its Martyrs for their supreme sacrifice in the protection and conservation of forest and wildlife. Recently, on 3-3-2018, Sri S. Manikandan, IFS, laid down his life in the line of duty. 

4. World Tuberculosis Day (KTK/27/2018)

     1.  TB is caused by a bacteria Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. 
     2.  The diagnosis, treatment and follow up of TB patients is free of cost. 
     3.  Tuberculosis is a curable disease. 
     4.  Non adherence to medication leads to emergence of Drug Resistant TB. 
     5.  Cover your mouth & nose during sneezing, coughing to prevent the spread of the disease. 
     6.  Spitting in open & public places should be avoided.

5. Lionseye (KTK/28/2018)

   Corneal blindness can be cured by eye donation. Corneal transplant is among the most successful and transformative of all other organ transplantations· The cornea                collection procedure is very quick, it only takes approximately 20 minutes. Cornea can be collected at the hospital, home, mortuary or any other locations.· Cornea should        be collected as soon as possible after I death to ensure a successful corneal transplant surgery (within 6 hrs).·Corneal donation does not change the outward appearance of    the donor. 
 Eye donation is only after death. After death, families should call the eye bank at this 24-hour hotline - 9740556666 or 080-22235005.· A certified, highly skilled doctor/EB    Technician will collect the eyes with utmost respect.· Corneas are processed and transplanted to two individuals,restoring life-changing sight. Confidentiality of donor and       recipient are ensured.

6. Dr. M.P.Pai (KTK/32/2018) 
   This special cover has been released on 10th April 2018 at Mangaluru to commemorate Birth Centennial of Late Dr. M. P Pai - a Surgeon, Scholar, Philosopher, Nationalist,        Legendary Teacher and Dr. B. C. Roy award winner. 

7. Yogishwar Yajnavalkya (KTK/33/2018)

   Sage Yajnavalkya, author of Yajnavalkya Smriti is believed to be the incarnation of Brahma. The text is composed in sloka (poetic metre) style like other works of               Dharmasastra tradition.' Yoga Yajnavalkya ' written by him in male¬female dialogue style is another great work on Yoga. Other texts attributed to him are Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, Satapata Brahmana and Pratijna Sutra. He is considered to be the pioneer of legal jurisprudence in India. 

 - Suresh R, Bangalore

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