16 April 2018

Audio Visual Postcard

Post card was first introduced by Austria in 1869 and since then millions of Post Cards had been issued by many countries both officially or privately.

Dipok Dey

On 15th April 2018 & Noted philatelist and artist Shri Dipok Dey from Kolkata  released a NEW KIND of Post Card-AUDIO VISUAL POSTCARD under Immortal Song Series on behalf of Bharatiya Daktikit Sangstha. One can enjoy the moving pictures of Heroes and Heroines, dancing and singing the song in a film.

HOW to SEE it?

In your smart phone download QR scanner, then scan the QR code printed on the Post Card- open browser- open with YOU TUBE and enjoy the song. His son Kaushik Dey developed the code and helped to incorporate it in the main design.
He has  selected 20 songs from - 1949 to 1965 from the movies he he had  seen in his childhood to college days with his friends.

Even when you are in facebook with your Computer, you can enjoy it. Just focus on the QR code on the computer screen and you can enjoy it.

In every smart phone there is QR scanner only you will have to download it.

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