27 November 2017

Ready for Christmas ?

A Traditional Christmas

Date of Issue : 20 November 2017

 Here is a beautiful set of stamps issued by Jersey Post for this year's Christmas greetings. For many, Christmas is a time to reminisce. In this issue one can see, the days before computers and mobile phones, when families wore their Sunday best for Christmas dinner and festive patterned jumpers were worn in a non-ironic way.
Set in the 1950s and 1960s, these eight stamps have been designed to create a feeling of warm nostalgia with each stamp depicting a traditional festive activity.

With no computer games and less reliance on television for entertainment,  children spent many hours reading Christmas annuals and playing with a range of toys from die-cast model cars, dolls, hula-hoops, puzzles and games many of which are still family favourites today.

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