23 November 2017

2018 - Year of the Dog

Chinese New Year

2018 - Year of the Dog

Date of Issue : 10 January 2018

Chinese New Year celebrations begin 16 February 2018, and according to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar is the Year of the Dog. New Zealand Post has created a special stamp, gold-sheet and medallion issue to celebrate.

The dog is the 12th animal in the Chinese lunar calendar. People born in this year tend to have decisive, loyal and loving personality traits which can make them fierce and long-lasting friends. But, because they have quite cautious characteristics, they can take time to form these bonds, and can be easily distressed if trust is broken.

The Chinese lunar calendar is based on observations of the Sun and Moon and is used for traditional activities in China and in overseas Chinese communities. It determines the date for traditional Chinese holidays, and guides Chinese people in selecting the luckiest day for a wedding or funeral, or for beginning a new venture or relocating.

Gold foiled miniature sheets and gold-plated medallion

To compliment these bright, festive stamps,New Zealand Post  included a range of special gold-foiled products and a gold-plated medallion. 

This large miniature sheet is one of only 103 produced . It has been embossed and etched with micro fine detail from 24-carat 99.9 gold foil, and is presented within an individually numbered frame (measuring 39cm x 27cm).

Made from 24-carat 99.9 gold foil, this miniature sheet has been embossed and etched with micro fine detail and is mounted in a perspex display stand (measuring 18cm x 10cm) - making a great gift for the Year of the Dog.

2018 Year of the Dog Gold Plated Medallion

This limited edition, gold-plated. collectable medallion features the calligraphic character for ‘dog’ on one side, and an illustrated dog – from the $2.70 stamp - on the other side. Limited to only 999 worldwide, it comes with an individually numbered certificate that gives further context and background to the Chinese Year of the Dog. 

Source : New Zealand Post

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