19 November 2017

Christmas 2017 stamps from Christmas Islands

Date of Issue : 1 November 2017

Here is a beautiful set of stamps and a Miniature sheet issued by Christmas Islands for this year's Christmas..In recognition of Christmas Island’s name (selected by Captain William Mynors, as he sailed past the island on Christmas Day, 1643), Christmas Island Christmas stamps have been issued every year, since 1984. They are a light-hearted take on Christmas in the southern hemisphere.

The stamps

Illustrated by Shane McGowan, this year’s stamps and minisheet show Santa taking time out from delivering presents to practise his golf swing on the spectacular Christmas Island nine-hole golf course.
In the minisheet design, One see that the island’s famous red crabs are enjoying stealing some of Santa’s errant golf balls, which Santa’s elves are doing their best to rescue and fashion into a Christmas tree, to add some festive flair to the golf course. The island’s many seabirds are also enjoying the view.

$2 Santa

The international-Christmas-card-rate stamp features Santa teeing off.

65c Rudolf

The domestic Christmas-card-rate stamp features Rudolf, as Santa’s trusty golf caddy.

Sheetlet of 5 X$2
This sheetlet contains 5 x $2 self-adhesive International stamps from the Christmas Island Christmas 2017 stamp issue.

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