25 April 2017

Stamps for special moments ...

Here is a beautiful set of Greeting stamps in different colors from Netherlands for very special moments. These re very good items for " Greetings " theme.

For Special Moments

On 27 January 2017, PostNL  issued the stamp sheetlet For Special Moments. The sheetlet consists of ten stamps marked with ‘Nederland 1’, the denomination for items up to 20g in weight destined for mail in the Netherlands. The stamps are for franking congratulatory mail and other cards and letters for special occasions.

The newest For Special Moments stamp sheetlet has ten stamps, each with a value denomination of 1. Four out of the ten stamps are square. The other six are heart-shaped. The images on the stamps are made up of little illustrations by graphic designer Marenthe Otten. The focus of each stamp is a wish for a special moment in brightly illustrated handwriting. The ten wishes are gefeliciteerd (Congratulations), liefs (Love), veel geluk (Lots of luck), sterkte (Feel better), succes (Good luck), hoera (Hooray), fijne dag (Have a nice day), proficiat (Well done), voor jou (For you ) and beterschap (Get well soon). Each wish ends with an emoticon: punctuation marks and letters forming a face. 

The open spaces on the stamps are decorated with fun illustrations, such as leaf veins, flowers, tree leaves and flower petals, four-leaf clovers, circles, crescents and stars in all kinds of shapes and colours. Each stamp also features a second emoticon, along with these illustrations and the value denomination 1. The For Special Moments stamp sheetlet also has seven closing seals containing a little hand-drawn face. Five closing seals are heart-shaped. Two are shaped like a butterfly. Two fonts were used for the typography: the Avenir Black (Adrian Frutiger, 1988) for the value denomination 1, and the Uma Bold (Ariel Di Lision, 2012) for the words ‘Nederland’ and ‘2017’.

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