08 April 2017

Sound of Silence....Beautiful Finland

Finland in different seasons

Date of Issue : 24 February 2017

Here is a beautiful set of stamps featuring scenic natural beauty of Finland. The Calm and tranquil stamps depict Finnish nature in different seasons and are suitable for international postcards and light letters. The sheet designed by Stiina Hovi contains fifteen international no-value indicator stamps.

Hovi is an experienced graphic designer, whose handiwork is also seen in the supplement Kantri of Maaseudun Tulevaisuus. 

– I chose pictures that, in my opinion, beautifully depict an important seasonal element—water—in its different forms. The pictures were taken in different parts of Finland during different seasons, and the photographers have nicely captured the moods of Finnish nature, Hovi says.

The stamps feature :

Sunset on the lake. Photo: Ilse Holm / Lens 
Clouds archipelago. Photo: Jari Hakala / Lens 
Swans on the ice. Photo: Kimmo Lyytikäinen / Lens 

Source : Finnish Post

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