03 April 2017

New Pictorial Postmarks

New pictorial postmark on parrot from Germany

On April 27th 2017  a pictorial postmark  will be available in 12057 BERLIN.
The postmark is featuring a Scarlet Macaw(Ara macao).

New pictorial postmark on prehistoric man from Italy

On March 30th 2017 a pictorial postmark   will be available  in I-70121 BARI, ITALY.
The postmark is featuring a prehistoric man .

Postmark on bird on Prey from Korea (South)

On April 20th 2017   a new pictorial postmark in  will be available  Geomundo (Korea).
The postmark is featuring a bird of Prey and Looks like a falcon.

- Wolfgang Beyer, Vice Chairman of the German Philatelic Collector Group ArGe Zoologie

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