13 August 2016

Best of Rio 2016 stamps..

Date of Issue : 2 August 2016

Australian Post that celebrates Australia`s participation in the Rio 2016 Olympics with a beautiful sheetlet of stamps nicely designed FDC and a Maximum Card..

Rio, recognisable by unique landmarks such as Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain, is the second Latin American city to welcome Olympians to its sporting venues, Mexico City having hosted the Games in 1968. It is also the first time since the Sydney 2000 Games that Olympians will converge on a Southern Hemisphere host city.
Cidade Maravilhosa – the marvellous city, as Rio is affectionately known – is famed for its rich, vibrant and spirited carnival. The Road to Rio stamp design taps into this sense of energy and place, translating the spirit of Cidade Maravilhosa to this international sport spectacular through vivid colour, rippling ribbons and athletic figures.

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