08 August 2016

Best of Rio 2016 stamps....

The Isle of Man Post Office has issued a set of stamps for Team GB ahead of this summer’s Olympic Games. The set of four stamps, issued on 23 May and each with a value of £1.27, depict four Team GB cyclists, the silhouettes of runners, a gymnast preparing to perform, and a swimmer in action. 



The designs of the two stamps from Greece combine the ancient and the modern Olympics.
These stamps were issued July 7. In announcing them, Hellenic Post said, “With their sights set on Rio and their hearts never forgetting the roots of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, the Greek Olympic Team will compete with passion, honouring their country’s history and proving once again that Greek sport is the best and worthiest ambassador of Greece internationally.”
In addition to silhouettes of modern athletes and skylines, the stamp designs include images of sculptures. 
Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue appears on both stamp designs, and the ancient Greek statue known as the Artemision bronze is shown on the 0.80 denomination, and the marble Winged Victory of Samothrace on the 0.90.

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