20 June 2016

Special Issue on International Yoga Day

2nd International Day of Yoga is going to be celebrated all across the world on 21st June 2016. On this occasion, India Post is going to release 12 different commemorative postage stamps on Yoga each depicting one posture from the 12 different postures of Suryanamaskar.These stamps wil be released by Hon'ble. Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi on 20th June 2016.

Yoga through India Postage Stamp

4 different stamps of Yogasana released on 30.12.1991,
Block of four International Day of Yoga 21.06.2015,
Block of four Yoga Definitive Stamp 2016,
12 different stamps of Surya Namaskar to be released on 21.06.2016

1.     Surya Namaskar Full Sheets Pack @ Rs 8300/-.

            This would contain 12 different full sheets of the 12 Surya Namaskar stamps to be released on 21.06.2016. 6 stamps are of denominations Rs 5/- and another 6 stamps of denomination Rs 25/-. Each full sheet would contain 45 stamps. Face value of the total stamps in the pack = Rs 8100/-

2.     Surya Namaskar block of four Pack @ Rs800/-

This would contain bock of fours of the 12 Surya Namskar Stamps to be released on 20.06.2016. Face value of the stamps is Rs 720/-.

3.     Yoga 3D cover @ Rs 150/-

This would contain a lenticular 3 D cover with set of 4 stamps of International Day of Yoga 2015. It is prepared by the Karnataka Circle.

4.     Yoga 8 GB Pendrive @ Rs330

An 8GB pendrive with image of stamp printed on it. It is prepared by Karnataka Circle.

5.     Information Booklet-STAMPS ON YOGA @ Rs800.

This beautifully designed booklet gives a brief description on the various Yoga postures which are depicted in the stamps.  Information on asanas of ‘Surya Namaskar’ along with Mantra for the respective posture is given. It contains 4 Yogasana stamps of 1991, 1 Stamp of International Day of Yoga 2015, 1 MS of International Day of Yoga 2015, 12 stamps of Surya Namaskar 2016. The booklet is prepared by Andhra Pradesh Circle.

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