25 June 2016

Litene’s tragedy - the most horrible event in Latvian history!

Date of Issue : 14 June 2016
Latvijas Pasts has issued a block of two stamps and a special cover dedicated to mass deportations of Latvia‘s people on June 14, 1941 and to pay the tribute to the memory of the army officers who fell victim to Litene’s tragedy.

The stamp block has been created to commemorate the mass deportations of June 14, 1941 and the 75th anniversary of Litene’s officers tragedy. One of the stamps in the block is dedicated to more than 15,000 Latvia’s people who were deported from the occupied Latvia to Siberia on June 14, 1941 by the Soviet occupation regime. The other stamp has been released in memory of the officers of the Latvian army who were arrested in Litene on the same day. Most of them were deported, imprisoned in Gulag forced labor camps or shot.

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