24 June 2016

Naturepex - 2016, Bhubaneshwar

NATUREPEX-2016, National Philatelic Exhibition on Nature and Environment will be organized by the Eastern India Philatelists’ Association with active support of the Department of Posts, Government of India from 30th September to 2nd October, 2016 at KiiT International School, Bhubaneswar-751024, Odisha with an objective to aware people for protection of natures and conserve our environment. The exhibits relating to Nature, Flora & Fauna, Environment and related subjects will only be exhibited in this exhibition as per the decision taken at the Special Meeting of the Eastern India Philatelists’ Association held on 03.05.2015. The exhibition will be of 400 frames and will be competitive one.

The main theme of the exhibition is ‘Save our Nature & Environment’. This exhibition would give extensive mileage to the promotion of Philately as well as create awareness to save our environment and to preserve the endangered species in our country. Participation in the exhibition is open to all philatelists throughout  India. Exhibitor should be a member of a registered Philatelic Society/ Association/Club.

Two new classes have been included in Naturepex-2016, those are Class-7, Modern Philately(Mophila) and Class-8, Philatelic Literature (relating to Nature and environment) and a separate guideline has been mentioned in the new corrected prospectus.

Participation in the exhibition is open to all philatelists throughout India. The Exhibitor should be a member of a registered Philatelic Society/ Association/Club.
Collections which have received at least any of the following awards are eligible for the Competitive Class.
i) A Bronze medal in any National/International or World Exhibition.
ii) A Silver medal in a Circle/State Level exhibition held by the Department of Post or held under the patronage of the Philatelic Congress of India.
iii) The highest medal received in an exhibition held or recognized by the Department of Post/Philatelic Congress of India with a minimum of 50 frames.


Outstanding collections from eminent Philatelists, National organizations and collections of the members of the Jury by invitation.

B.1: Senior Category (Exhibitors aged 19 years and above)
Class-1: Thematic Class
Class-2: FDC/Special covers and Postal stationery,
Class-3: Maximaphilly,
Class-4: One Frame Exhibit,
B.2: Youth Category (Exhibitors aged between 11-18 years)

Class-5: Youth Class
a. Age between 11-12 (as on 1-1-2016),
b. Age between 13-14 (as on 1-1-2016),
c. Age between 15-16 (as on 1-1-2016) and
d. Age between 17-18 (as on 1-1-2016),
Class-6: School Collections.
Class-7: Modern Philately (MOPHILA)
Class-8: Philatelic Literature


8.1: Thematic Class: A thematic exhibit develops a theme according to a plan, demonstrating thematic and philatelic knowledge through the items chosen. Such knowledge should result in the best possible selection and arrangement of the material and the accuracy of the relevant thematic and philatelic text.

8.2: FDC/Special covers & postal Stationery: The First Day Covers and Special Covers should confirm to the principles of maximum possible concordance between the postage stamp or stamps, the cachet and the postmark.
The postal stationery exhibit should compose a logical and coherent assembly of postal matter that either bears an officially authorized pre-printed stamps or device or inscription indicating that a specific face value rate of postage has been pre paid, to illustrate one or more categories.

8.3: Maximaphily: The Maximaphily items should conform to the principles of maximum possible concordance between the postage stamp, the picture postcard and postmark.

8.4: One frame exhibit: Exhibits in this class should be based on a narrow subject that is best treated as One Frame. An extract from a past award winning multiple frame exhibits (5 to 8 frames) to One Frame is not allowed.
8.5: Youth Class: young exhibitors, individuals or collective presentations, aged between 11 to 18 years belong to this category of young philatelists.

8.6: School Collection: Philatelic materials from different schools may enter for competition with the Collection developed by its students collectively belongs to this category.

8.7: Modern Philately (Mophila): The exhibit shall consist of the philatelic material issued within past 15 years only.

8.8: Philatelic Literature: Philatelic publications include all communications available to collectors relating to Nature & Environment, in any media, related to postage stamps, postal history and their collecting and to any of the specialized field connected therewith. The entry fee for a publication exhibit shall be equivalent to the fee of one frame in the general competition class of the exhibition.
The exhibitor shall provide two copies of each publications exhibit: one copy for judging, and the other for a reading room for the visitors.
In addition to the author information needed by the exhibition Management, the exhibitor should also provide the publication date, publisher, number of pages, frequency of publication (for periodicals) and means of ordering the publication (address, price).

Scheduled dates:

Receipt of Entry Forms:    12 August 2016

Allotment of Forms:           16.08.2016

Receipt of Fees:                 31.08.2016

Dispatch of Exhibit covers: 05.09.2016

Receipt of Application form
for Dealer's Booth:               22.09.2016

Receipt of Exhibits:              27.09.2016

Return of Exhibits:
(a) At the Venue:-                 02.10.2016

(b) At the Philatelic Bureau,
Bhubaneswar GPO:              03.10.2016   

The prospectus, entry forms and Form for Dealer's Booth can be downloaded from :

NATUREPEX-2016 Secretariat :

C-6, IRC Village, Bhubaneswar-751015

Mobile: 9437053336    e mail : naturepex2016@gmail.com   

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