14 February 2016

New stamp from Russia with Luminescence Effect...

The 175th Birth Anniversary of Arkhip Kuindzhi (1841-1910), Artist

Russian Post has introduced an original stamp that commemorates the 175th birth anniversary of Arkhip Kuindzhi, a Russian painter. It is the first time in the history of philately that special transparent ink, which glows in the UV radiation, has been used when manufacturing this special philatelic item.

The souvenir sheet consists of a postage stamp bearing an image of Night on the Dnepr painting (1882), and the margins feature a painting by Ivan Kramskoi called Portrait of Painter Arkhip Kuindzhi. Thanks to the technologies used, a glow in the UV radiation can be seen on the stamp.
Kuindzhi was called “a painter of light”. The stamp truly represents the painter’s artistic intention to create real moonlight and space depth. In the artist’s opinion, Night on the Dnepr became the main painting of his life.
The painting depicted on this original souvenir sheet by Russian Post demonstrates harmonicity and tranquility, as well as simplicity of patterns. The moon shines in the night sky, painting the clouds in a cold light. The moonlight can be seen fluctuate in the waters of Dnepr below.
The slow current of the river, its curves, the coastline and peasants’ huts can also be seen. The whole nature has become silent fascinated by the marvelous shining of the sky and the Dnepr waters.

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