13 February 2016

After My Stamps, now My Cancellations.....



- Naresh Agrawal

MY STAMP an innovative and attractive facility has now become popular in India which gives one to tag his/her photo/image or of some one, some place etc.  along with the stamp which becomes a part of the stamp known as “My Stamp”. This has been  quite appreciated and used by Indian people mainly stamp lovers. And  the least known “My cancellation” allows one to get a postal seal with a special message for specific occasion along with a personalized “My Stamp” .

Only  a few days back, a history had been created in philatelic field in India as according to me, the first ever “MY CANCELLATION” has been issued by Chennai Post office along with “MY STAMP” related same theme i.e. Royal Wedding Invitation of marriage of one of India’s prominent philatelist and stamp dealer Mr. V. Ethiraj’s son. This is a unique invitation. Many of us have been talking and thinking about such combination to come. But Mr. Ethiraj has become the first person to achieve, create and put it forward. He created this cover so beautifully and gracefully that it attracts attention of one and who looks at it. He has also chosen the perfect event to introduce this to the philatelic fraternity  and has been nicely put forward in a proper way mainly sending it through speed post. The stamp depicts photographs of to-wed couple i.e. Mr. Ramesh and Miss Dhivya  and the  cancellation depicts Chennai 690002  112016 dated 06.01.2016 (Name of the post office and Date of issue/application) and the message.

               The Beautiful Invitation Cover With “My Stamp” And “My Cancellation”
The subject matter of cancellation is bilingual i.e. Hindi and English which reads “शादी का निमंत्रण and “Marriage Invitation” on circular form with names of the Bride and Bride Groom in designer alphabets which reads “Ramesh weds Dhivya”. Thereafter below it the wedding date which reads 06.03.2016. The post office name to in bilingual i.e. Chennai and चेन्नई and then the pin code 69002 and then below all this is the date which reads 112016 (01.01.2016)
          My Cancellation  : Special Carrying Message

The MY STAMP shows a beautiful photo of the to-wed couple (bride and bridegroom) where in their names are also mentioned in English which is tagged with Rs.5/- stamp of Port Blair Island issued by India Post. It is a Speed Post Cover with Speed Post  registered label affixed on the front.

                          1.Speed Post  Mail    2.The venue : Rajah Muthiah Halls, Chennai

The cover is a multicolor cover with beautifully designed images highlighting large printing designer alphabets reading “Royal Wedding”, beautiful Monogram of Royal Wedding mentioning Prince Ramesh and Princess Dhivya & that of the venue. The venue so chosen is one of the the magnificent halls where last INPEX 2008 ,National Stamp Exhibition was held that is Rani Meyyammai & Rajah Muthiah A/C Halls, Egmore, Chennai - 600008. This shows an absolute philatelic dedication, concern and connection of Sri V.Ethiraj.  A great philatelist by heart, soul and mind.

While I was writing this report, I could find on social media  that the same has already been published in one of the newspaper in Chennai. The news paper says “After personalized stamps, including those with selfies, customers can now own “My cancellation” on envelops with special messages.”

The Hindu, reputed English Daily News Paper of Chennai states that as part of the efforts to rekindle the interest in philately, the department of post is offering residents a chance to send letters with a personalized touch. The idea for the ‘My Cancellation” cover was born when philatelist Mr. V Ethiraj recently ordered Rs. 1 lac worth of  “MY STAMP” with a to-wed couple photos printed on them. He later sought for a special cancellation on the wedding covers too that would carry personalized stamps.

In an interview to the same paper Mr. Mervin  Alexander, Post Master General (Chennai City Region) said that the department usually released special cancellation covers commemorating an event along with commemorative stamps but they had  decided to offer the personalized cancellation cover as people would cherish the covers. As it is special facility, MY CANCELLATION” would  be available only for those who orders minimum of 100 sheets of MY STAMP on the same theme.”My Cancellation” facility would be offered  for Rs. 1500.00. He further added that they had planned to spread awareness among school children about MY STAMP, MY CANCELLATION and philatelic deposits. They would also Hold special camps for the children to own stamps.

While we thank Mr. Ethiraj for putting forward this new attractive facility before us, we also thank DOP for introducing and encouraging this facility. We hope this facility will gain momentum and would be used for so many occasions by so many people regularly.

We congratulate  the whole family  of Mr. Ethiraj in advance for this royal wedding.

- Naresh Agrawal, Bilaspur (C.G.) : email : nareshkumar1992@yahoo.co.in

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