09 February 2016

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PUNPEX 2016 : Day 4 : Special Covers

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Future of Indian Philately

: Indian Express (Mumbai Edition) - 23 January 2016

Contributed by : Swamynathan R.

Views and Opinions

 Philately in Modern and fast changing times

Philately originates from postal system. Traditionally Postal system is all about communication through physical methods which involved variety of stamps, postal stationeries and postal markings etc. These varieties gave the philatelists a wide range of philatelic subjects to pursue as a hobby. Today, its a technological world where communication is instant without any physical methods. In such a high technological scenario, philately as a hobby is now getting highly restricted, to be specific, restricted to just collecting mint commemorative stamps. Letter writings / postal communications have decreased drastically with emails, mobiles and instant messaging gaining popularity. Though modern communication is instant but they are impersonal. Considering the importance of letter writing / postal communications and to promote it, US Postal Services have released in 2015 a stamp titled "FROM ME TO YOU". Australia Post have a separate web page on their website(www.auspost.com.au) dedicated to letter writing.

Nowdays, world over the postal organisations are becoming  more and more corporate / business oriented with little focus on Philately. In such a scenario, Philately organisations must aggressively take over the responsibility of Philately activities and secondly closely work with the respective Postal organisations to bring various basic philately products like stamps, postal stationery etc.. Such a scenario is already happening in various countries. For e.g. American Philatelic Society, British Postal museum etc who are driving force to the modern philately. The apex body philately body of every country must function professionally having a website, physical office, library & archives and a professional philately team with proper documented and transparent working rules. The apex body must ensure that the various other philately clubs in their respective countries function properly and get the desired support.

Lastly, in modern times the philately must try to embrace new or different aspects to enhance the Philatelic activities, for e.g origami envelopes, personalised postal cancellations etc. This is an ongoing activity to keep pace with the fast changing circumstances. 


Lets not restrict Philately to just collecting mint/unused stamps and exhibit it, rather make philately with a wide range of subjects so that it encourages the young generations to pursue philately as a hobby.

- Swamynathan R. : email : swamyxyz@yahoo.com

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