13 March 2015

New stamps on Bridges




Date of issue : 5 March 2015

The Royal Mails issued a set of 10 stamps featuring famous bridges of Great Britain. he Bridges stamp issue celebrates the leaps in engineering that have seen the UK’s bridges evolve from humble stone crossings to dramatic symbolic landmarks conceived by progressive architects.


Stamps feature following famous Bridges :

pre-1600 –Tarr Steps, River Barle. A 15th or 16th century gritstone clapper- bridge
1700s – Row Bridge, Mosedale Beck. An arched stone bridge of the mid-18th century
c.1774 – Pulteney Bridge, River Avon. The UK's finest example of an inhabited bridge
1814 – Craigellachie Bridge, River Spey. A 46 metre arched span bridge in cast iron
1826 – Menai Suspension Bridge, Menai Strait. The world's first great suspension bridge
1849 – High Level Bridge, River Tyne. A 408-metre road and rail bridge by Robert Stephenson
1850 – Royal Border Bridge, River Tweed. A railway viaduct of 28 semi-circular-headed arches
1911 – Tees Transporter Bridge, River Tees. A steel bridge with cantilevered trusses and gondola
1981 – Humber Bridge, River Humber. Once the longest suspension bridge in the world
2011 – Peace Bridge, River Foyle. A 235-metre causeway for pedestrians and cyclists

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-  Dr. Sumitra Arya - Bangalore

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