30 January 2015

Tributes to Mahatma Gandhi – Special covers



A Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi by Civil Services Officers Institute – 30 January 2015


" ‘A Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi’ a solo exhibition by Ved Prakash Sharma, was held on 30th January 2015 on the occasion of the 67th Martyrdom Day of Gandhiji at Art Gallery, Civil Services Officers Institute, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. The exhibition was inaugurated by Shri Y P Anand, a practicing Gandhian and former Director, National Gandhi Museum, Delhi. A Special Cover was released to grace the occasion by Ms. Padmagandha Mishra, Senior Superintendent of Post Offices.  Mr. A. Annamalai, Director, National Gandhi Museum was observed as the Guest of Honor. This special cover and cancellation was designed by Virendra Sharma.


Mr. Sharma retired as an RAS officer after 38 years of Government of India service in 2010. He shared his prized collection of Mahatma Gandhi memorabilia which includes an autograph of Gandhiji given to his father Late Iqbal Singh Sharma in 1946 with slogan ‘Roz Kato’ on donating Re.1 towards the Harijan Fund.


On display is his priced collection on Philatelic issues from about 110 countries. The exhibition will be held from 30th Jan to 5th Feb 2015."

- Virendra Sharma - email : virsharma@yahoo.com

Special Cover : ROCPEX - 2015,  Homage to Martyrs - 30 January 2015.


A special Cover, giving homage to Martyrs, was issued at Tiruchirapalli on 30th January 2015 The Cancellation on the cover depicts Mahatma Gandhi and C. Rajagopalachari.


- Kasinath R – Tanjore - email : kasinath80@gmail.com


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