28 January 2015

St. Valentine’s Day – a day of love and sincere feelings



Date of Issue : 3 February 2015



Australian Post will release a set of stamps celebrating the upcoming St. Valentine’s Day. The issue consists of four stamps that will be put into circulation on the 3rd of February.


Stamp and Coin Cover

The heart is quite simply the most iconic love symbol of all. The exchange of heart-shaped Valentines is believed to have gained popularity in Victorian England.

This latest issue of stamps, for special occasions and everyday use, is a fresh and contemporary take on the subject of love and the love heart form. Each stamp presents a heart shaped object, floating in a panorama of blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

There is a heart shaped kite, skywriting smoke trail, hot air balloon and cloud. The stamps convey a sense that love is something limitless, uplifting and exciting; that love is about to happen; that love is in the air…

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