26 January 2015

Greetings on Republic Day




Happy Republic Day !!

Today is 66th Republic Day of India. Let’s remember the golden heritage of our country and feel proud to be a part of India.  Greetings to all Indians living in every corner of the world on Republic Day .

Special on this 66th Republic Day

US President, Barack Obama would be the chief guest on this year, 2015 Republic Day celebration of India on 26th of January in New Delhi. He would be accompanied by his wife (Michelle Obama) and senior official’s team of the administration.

Women armed forces of India would take part for the first time in the Republic day Parade of this year, 2015. The order came from the top authorities as our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi keen to Women Empowerment and Nari Shakti. Women Empowerment and Nari Shakti would be the main theme of this year Parade.

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