02 November 2014

New stamps from Greenland


Christmas stamps 2014

image image

Date of Issue : 20 October

‘Christmas Greetings to Greenland’.

Lisbeth Karline is the lady artist who has created the Christmas stamp-images that celebrate the popular televised Christmas transmission: 'Christmas Greetings from Greenland'.

Here are some new beautiful  stamps from Greenland Post issued on 20th October featuring different themes.


Greenland – New Zealand Joint Issue


Date of Issue : 20 October 2014

Pole to Pole Joint issue of New Zealand and Greenland

Jointly with New Zealand Post, Greenland issued a stamp in complete sheets and in souvenir sheets.

POST Greenland is proud to have this joint issue with New Zealand Post. It’s New Zealand Post which issues stamps on behalf of Ross Dependency – the New Zealand territory in Antarctica.

Up here in the Arctic, Greenland has much in common with the friends in the southern hemisphere in New Zealand: High Mountains, glaciers, seals, whales, as well as an indigenous people, which carries a rich culture with them into a new age.


image image

Greenland Post issued another set of stamps paying homage to the importance of hunting for the Greenlandic culture and identity. . The items were issued on the 20th of October . The stamp of  (DKK 0.50) represents North Greenland hunters and their prey and the stamp of (DKK 45.00) represents South Greenland hunters and their prey.

Club News


Depex 2014, Darjeeling Philatelic Exhibition - 30th - 31st October 2014


'Depex 2014', Darjeeling Philatelic Exhibition was organized by the Department of Posts from 30th and 31st October 2014 at the Capitol Hall, Darjeeling. Exhibits in 70 frames were on display in the exhibition.


On 30th October 2014, a Special Cover on 150th years of St. Paul School, Darjeeling was released.

During the exhibition, Stamp design contest and Quiz competitions were also organised. My Stamp facility was also made available during the exhibition. The Philatelic Exhibition was held at Darjeeling after 11 years. The last one was held in 2003 and was named ‘Kosheli’.


On 31st October 2014 a Special Cover on Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Darjeeling was released.

In the senior category open competition (Outside Darjeeling), 5 philatelists from Sikkim, Mallbazaar, Jalapiguri, Cooch Bihar, Gangarampur etc. participated and first three positions in this category were won by Shri Shital Pradhan (first prize for his collection on “Sikkim through Philately”), Shri Roshan Prasad (second prize) and Shri Ganesh Pradhan, Shri Deepen Pradhan and Shri Padam Parajuli shared third prize jointly.

Courtesy : Indian Philately Digest

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