12 November 2014

New stamps on Christmas




Date of Issue : 9 October 2014

Hi !

I am sharing here some most beautiful stamps issued for this year’s Christmas.  The first stamp shown above is from Aland . Its gutter pair sheet is extraordinarily beautiful with extra images between the gutter pairs. Second issue from Brazil is full of Christmas fun and party time. Children will love these stamps  so much. Third issue from Finland is full of Christmas dreams ..snow and decorated reindeer ..bell etc. These stamps will add colors with warm love to the Christmas greetings..


Emma’s Little Christmas dream

The 2014 Christmas stamp is almost a fairy tale image of Little Christmas. The Christmas atmosphere comes to life with white snow, welcoming and warming lights and rosy cheeks. A parent holding a child’s hand visits the Jan Karlsgården Christmas fair. Emelie Hage’s image of Little Christmas has the shimmer of nostalgia.






Date of Issue : 5 November 2014

The first stamp reproduces typical ornaments of the Christmas period. In the lower right corner, a lighted candle represents the warm peace of Christmas. The picture with the image of Jesus symbolizes the messenger of hope and gathering around a bountiful table, where a happy family is having supper.

The second stamp reproduces the scene of exchanging gifts. At the left bottom, is a boy with open arms, wearing a Santa hat. Just behind him a girl holds a beautiful gift box. In the background, two family scenes, showing the excitement and joy of giving and receiving gifts.


image image

Date of Issue : 23 October 2014


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