18 September 2014

New stamps on Costumes…


Cantonese Opera Costumes


Date of Issue : 21 August 2014



Hongkong Post   issued a set of special stamps entitled "Cantonese Opera Costumes" on 21st August 2014. It’s a beautiful and very colorful issue with a magnificent sheetlet. These stamps could be included in Theatre, costumes and Performing arts themes.


Cantonese opera is a major theatre genre in southern China and a highly valued traditional performing art in Hong Kong. With a live orchestra and special theatrical costumes, Cantonese opera is an art form involving many skills such as singing, acting, narration and martial arts.


Cantonese opera costumes come in a wide variety of styles and correspond to the identity and social status of the different roles performed on the stage. Hongkong Post is issuing a set of special stamps entitled "Cantonese Opera Costumes" and presenting seven distinctive costumes, namely the great Han costume, a gown with a sloping collar, a dress for young ladies, a military uniform for soldiers, a python ceremonial robe, a gown with a vertical collar and grand armour. The stamps feature intricate illustrations of Cantonese opera costumes modelled on real ones worn in live performances.


The performers on the $10 stamp sheetlet are dressed in grand armour, playing the marshals of "The Joint Investiture" and projecting a heroic, gallant and formidable demeanour.

Club News

Berpex-2014, District Level Philatelic Exhibition, Berhampore, West Bengal
5th - 7th September 2014

Heritage Post Office, Berhampore


Murshidabad Silk


Berpex-2014, District Level Philatelic Exhibition was organised by Murshidabad Postal Division at St. John Ambulance Hall, Berhampore (West Bengal) from 5th to 7th September 2014. 40 Frames were on dispay at the exhibition. During the exhibition two Special Covers were released. One on Heritage Post Office of Berhampore and second on Murshidabad Silk.

For Covers, kindly contact : Mr SK Biswas : ph 9434400099

Thanks to Mr Subhabrata Basu of Murshidabad ( West Bengal) for the special covers issued during BERPEX 2014.

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