25 September 2014

New stamps from UNPA – Education & Happiness


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Here are some new stamps from UNPA . The themes of these stamps are Education and Happiness. The stamps on Education  were released on 18th September. Another set  on Happiness was released in March this year. I just missed to write about this beautiful set . It is a set of six stamps with smiling images. It really makes us smile !!

Education First !


Date of Issue : 18 September 2014

United Nations Postal Service issued a series of stamps with a motif “Education first”. The issue consists of tree stamps and three souvenir sheets that were released and put into circulation on the 18th of September.


The United Nations Secretary-General launched the Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) in September 2012 to spur renewed efforts to reach global education goals.

The Initiative focuses on three priorities:

First, putting every child in school. The global community pledged to achieve universal primary education by 2015. We need to make all the necessary investments to ensure that every child has equal access to schooling.

Second, improving the quality of learning. Access to education is critical. But it is not enough. We must make sure that people acquire relevant skills to participate successfully in today’s knowledge-based society.

Third, fostering global citizenship. Education is much more than an entry to the job market. It has the power to shape a sustainable future and better world. Education policies should promote peace, mutual respect and environmental care.

International Day of Happiness


On 17 March 2014, the United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA)  issued a set of 6 stamps on the theme “International Day of Happiness”.

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 20 March as the International Day of Happiness. It is a movement to promote happiness as a universal goal and aspiration in the lives of human beings around the world.

“The pursuit of happiness lies at the core of human endeavours. People around the world aspire to lead happy and fulfilling lives free from fear and want, and in harmony with nature.”

“Let us reinforce our commitment to inclusive and sustainable human development and renew our pledge to help others. When we contribute to the common good, we ourselves are enriched. Compassion promotes happiness and will help build the future we want.” - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon



image image image

Date of Issue : 17 March 2014

image image image


Club News

New Special Cover at Bikaner on 26th September

- Sudhir Jain

A new special cover is being issued at Bikaner (Raj.) on 26th Sept. 2014 on an ancient Jain Temple of 5th Tirthankar Sumatinath JI. Temple is famous as Bhandasar Jain Mandir. India Post will issue a special cancellation on this cover.


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