26 September 2014

New stamps from Hungary




Date of issue: 09 September 2014

Magyar Posta issued a special miniature sheet stamp entitled “Hungarian old-timer motorcycles”. The sheet contains twelve stamps depicting historical motorcycles. It was released on the 9th of September.


On each denomination of the miniature sheet containing twelve stamp designs a vehicle is shown from the Maróti Motorcycle collection, and the background design is decorated with a montage of contemporary photographs ad newspaper articles. On the special envelope the picture of a letter-collecting motor-tricycle can be seen, which was built on the basis of the plans of János Csonka and belongs to the collection of the Postal Museum. The special postage stamp shows a stylised motorcycle wheel with spokes and a valve, where the tyre is formed by words. The special feature of the miniature sheet is that for the first time in the history of issuing Hungarian stamps, the offset printing method was supplemented with so-called 3D UV varnishing, as a result of which the surface of the motorcycles slightly stands out of the plane of the paper sheet and has a unique glitter.




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Date of Issue 9 September 2014

Magyar Posta  issued  new stamps on insects .The stamps feature well-known and less well-known insects : the Green Hawker is shown on a numbered stamp block, while the Dendroleon pantherinus, the mantidfly, the Carabus auronitens and the Stilbium cyanurum are shown on the denominations of a set of stamps. In the case of the last two denominations the offset printing method was supplemented with so-called diffraction film printing, as a result of which the insects shown on the stamps are shiny like real insects.

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