21 May 2013

New themes on stamps..



Cookies : Date of Issue - 8 May 2013

Hi !

Here is a new set of stamps from Swedish Post featuring “ Cookies” which is quite an innovative idea to depict on stamps. With the time new themes are appearing on stamps replacing old traditional themes. This set shows delicious cookies from Sweden that will carry greetings from a trip, the beach, a tourist destination and a retreat in nature. What could be better on a sunny summer day than piling coffee and cookies onto a tray and sitting outside in the fresh air ? I highly appreciate this new theme featured on stamps which is closely related with tourism . The stamps will certainly delight all, especially the  children !!

Another set of stamps from Sweden issued on 9th May shows Astronomy Theme   featuring Sundial, Barometer and Compass.



Measure Time and Space – Sundial Barometer and Compass


 image  image image

Date of Issue : 9 May 2013

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