27 May 2013

New stamps on Sports



The European Basketball Championship EuroBasket 2013

In co-operation with EuroBasket 2013 and the Philatelic Union of Slovenia, Slovenian Post has released a commemorative stamp to mark this summer’s impending EuroBasket tournament.

Italian Sport – 12′ Dinghy Centennial stamp from Italy

image  image

Date of Issue : 22 May 2013

Italian post issued a stamp commemorating the 100th anniversary of foundation of 12′ Dinghy (12 foot dinghy). Designed by George Cockshott, an amateur boat designer from Southport, in 1913, the International Twelve Foot Dinghy became the first one-design racing dinghy to gain international recognition.

The 12′ Dinghy took part in the 2008 Vintage Yachting Games as part of the closing ceremony. The winners of the events took the helm during a short in-harbor regatta sailed in 12′ Dinghies.

The 12 feet dinghy is one of the Vintage Yachting Classes at the 2012 Vintage Yachting Games.The stamp features a vintage sailing boat Dinghy 12 ‘ in the foreground on the left, and a series of modern boats of the same class, participating in the race.



Date of Issue : 25 May 2013

Italian Alpine Club

This issue of a stamp celebrates the Italian Alpine Club on the 150th anniversary of its foundation.The stamp shows a vintage Italian Alpine Club poster, featuring a mountaineer observing the landscape through a telescope at the top is the coat of arms of the Club.

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