06 May 2013

New Special Cover from Tanjore



A special postal cover and cancellation in honour of K.P. Kittappa Pillai, descendent of Thanjavur quartet, musician, and bharatanatyam guru, was released as part of his birth centenary celebrations here on Sunday.


Mervin Alexander (second from left) releasing the Special Cover at the birth centenary celebrations of K.P. Kittappa Pillai, in Thanjavur on 5th May 2013. Babaji Rajah Bhonsle, Senior Prince and Hereditary Trustee of Palace Devasthanam (third from left), receives the cover.

Releasing the cover and cancellation, Mervin Alexander, Post-Master General, Central Region, Tiruchi, pointed out that India Post has been releasing special postal covers and cancellations in honour of great personalities. Cancellation is more important than release of postal cover as it gives the sovereign symbol of the State to the personality.

Special postal covers and cancellations help in telling the greatness of people to posterity. “Artists keep the art alive by striving against all odds. Government can help them but only the artists can keep the art forms alive. If art and music dies then human race will die,” he said.

Babaji Rajah Bhonsle, Senior Prince and Hereditary Trustee of Palace Devasthanam, received the special postal cover. He said that Thanjavur Quartet — Chinnaiya, Ponnaiya, Sivavanandam, and Vadivelu were employed in the court of Maratta King Serfoji II and contributed for the development of Bharatanatyam and music.

Their descendants like Kittappa Pillai carried forward their mission. The Post Master General released a souvenir, a special issue of music journal Sruthi which brought the edition to commemorate the birth centenary of Kittappa Pillai and a book Thanjai Nalvar Nattiya Surangam written by Kittappa Pillai. The book has been republished for the occasion.

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