10 July 2012

Stamps on Bees



Date of issue: 12 July 2012

Bees play an important role in pollinating flowering plants. Their disappearance could lead to food shortages. In order to raise understanding about bees and pay more attention to the conservation of ecology, Chunghwa Post will issue a souvenir sheet which comprises six stamps, each featuring a bee species of Taiwan . The designs follow:

1. Phimenes flavopictus (NT$5): This predatory wasp has yellow markings on its black body, giving it coloring that resembles that of a yellow and black striped tiger. Females build their mud nests in places such as tree trunks and cliff-face crevices. It is also called the "tiger-striped potter wasp" in Chinese.

2. Apis mellifera (NT$10): Commonly known as the western honey bee, most of them have a yellowish brown chest. The species' worker bees have specialized pollen baskets, which can be found on the tibia of their hind legs.

3. Xanthopimpla pedator (NT$5): The range of this parasitic wasp was once used to control she-oak pests.

4. Xylocopa tranquebarorum (NT$10): This pollinator has almost dark black body. Its wings have a purple, copper sheen to them. Females build their nests by boring holes into dead bamboo.

5. Vespa ducalis (NT$5): This stinging wasp has two golden yellow rings on its abdomen which are its most salient feature. Its last four abdominal segments are black.

6. Apis cerana (NT$10): Commonly known as the eastern honey bee, this pollinator lives in the wild mostly. Its appearance greatly resembles the western honey bee. It has alternating yellow and black stripes on its abdomen.

SOURCE: Chunghwa Post

Club News

Stamp exhibition on Olympics

Aakruti Books Rajajinagar In association with
Karnataka philatelic Society presents



* Exhibition of Olympic and Sports Stamps
* Exhibition and sale of Books related to Philately, Olympics and Sports
* Daily talks on philately by senior philatelists

Venue : Aakruti Books

No.31/1, 12th Main,
3rd Block, Rajajinagar,
Ph: (080) 23409479, (080) 23506788

Landmark: Near State Bank of Hyderabad - Bhashyam circle
Date: Inauguration on 15th July 2012 at 10:30 Am
by Dr. Sangoram - President, Karnataka Philatelic Association

The Exhibition will end of 22nd July 2012 at 9:00 PM

Brihadeeswarar coin Back Brihadeeswarar coin Front

Mumbai Mint Starts the booking of commemorative coin sets on the occasion of ‘1000 YEARS OF BIHADEESWARAR TEMPLE’ Booking starts from- 03/07/12 TO 31/08/12

: Vishal Sanganeria – Guwahati - Assam

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