07 July 2012

Europa 2012 stamps from Serbia..



Serbia Serbia

Date of Issue 30 May 2012

On 30 May 2012, Serbia issued two Europa 2012 stamps featuring the country's picturesque areas of cultural and historic importance.This year's Europa stamps’ theme is "Visit" !!

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UNESCO – World Heritage  Sites

(Part – 4)

Check List for the Stamps issued worldwide in 2011 related to the theme of ‘UNESCO - World Heritage

PK Mallik - Pradeep Kumar Malik

Contd…from the last Part : June 2011

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World Heritage (Norfolk Island): Norfolk Island issued a set of 12 stamps featuring the World Heritage monuments enlisted as ‘Australian Convict Sites’ in the World Heritage list of UNESCO.


Derbent (Russia): Russia issued an irregular shape Souvenir Sheet depicting the ‘Citadel of the ancient city of Derbent’, a World Heritage site.



Lavaux (Switzerland): Switzerland issued a setenant stripe of three stamps showing the beautiful landscape of the ‘Vineyard Terraces of Lavaux’, a World Heritage site.


Gardens of France: A Souvenir sheet with two stamps on Gardens of France was issued in France to commemorate Philatelic Exhibition – Salon du Timbre 2012. In the stamp area the Castles of Cheverny and Villandry, World Heritage monuments, along with the gardens is beautifully depicted.

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